You have a wealth of opportunity

A wealth of opportunity is out there


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There is a wealth of opportunity out there, no one is limited to one chance.

So, today could be the worst day of your life, maybe you lost the deal with that client, didn’t pass that exam at school, lost money, etc.  Likewise, I could go on writing a whole list of what has not gone right in my life!


However, each day is a new day, a chance to turn over a new page and start again.  A chance to seize the wealth of opportunity available.


Throughout our lives there are new and exciting opportunities, but we do have to go and look for them, “TAKE ACTION”.

Firstly it is a waste of your time and a pointless exercise sitting at home waiting for an opportunity to present itself to you.

A bit like it would be sitting on a bench at the park with our hand in the air just waiting for a tennis ball or a cricket ball to drop into it.

I am being honest with you when I say, there is a wealth of opportunity out there, but you need chase it as it does not, and will not, chase you.


One example, Roger Bannister, was the first man to run a mile in under four minutes, something that no one thought would ever happen.

He was an ordinary person, just like you or me.

Thankfully he didn’t listen to those that said it would never happen and could not be done.  Besides the opportunity was there, he believed in himself and consequently he did it!

A new business starts, perhaps some might think ‘it’s okay for them, these people have talent and I do not’.  But, these are also just ordinary people like you and me.

Every ‘ordinary’ person just like you and I are also amazing, especially when we become involved in the right opportunity.  The opportunity of our own creation, for example.

Often it feels we may have missed the boat when an idea of ours is grabbed by someone else.   An opportunity that maybe should have been ours.   However, as we know, there are opportunities everywhere if we look for them.

There is another one out there!


Perhaps it may seem ‘woo woo’ for some, but opportunity falls under the law of the universe.

You will spend your whole life missing one opportunity after another if you continue to believe that seeing is believing.

So, tomorrow with a fresh pair of eyes look around at the limitless wealth of opportunities before you.

If we fail to look, we fail to see.


Focus on the present, the here and now and look to the future too!


Firstly we must see the end result before the end.  See the flower or the vegetable whilst they are still seeds, before they have even begun to grow, just as Roger Bannister saw running a mile in under four minutes before it even happened.


Since becoming an NLP Master Coach and Trainer I find the best way of seeing my opportunities is self-hypnosis, or meditation.  In addition I also find it a good way of planning my opportunities.

Most people will find themselves in a lack mindset, but you must see the abundance even if hasn’t happened yet!


I have an uncle who is an artist.  His work always interested me as a child and that didn’t change as I matured, I still marvel at his work.

Looking back I remember him teaching me that there are only three colours of paint.  All that is needed is the primary colours of red, yellow, and blue, and all other shades had been invented by other artists that knew how.

See, there is a wealth of opportunity of colours available to us, all from these three primary colours.

There are only seven notes on a piano C, D, E, F, G, A and B.  Played in the right order these seven notes make different and incredible music.

The alphabet is made of 26 letters and have been used to write the works of Shakespeare or J.K Rowling!


Failure is the springboard to success and new opportunities.

Most success stories will generally start with failure during a crisis or adversity.

I ‘failed’ at school, or the school system failed me.

Either way I remember reading, or being told about, a father reading his sons school report and the father was shocked to learn that his son was an absolute dunce and would amount to nothing in life.

The father was upset as he had high hopes for his son becoming a top barrister, but there was no hope of this ever happening now, the boy was a failure.

Who is this boy?

This boy did not become a barrister, this boy is Winston Churchill, one of the worlds most famous leaders.  Failure is what propelled him forwards.

It is inevitable that the more times you fail, the more chance of success you will have.positive affirmation, control, manifest, motivation, opportunity



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