You were born to achieve

by Mar 29, 2022



Have you got a purpose in life?

Most people I have encountered over my time has a coach and trainer have felt as though they have no purpose in life.

They left school with a handful of qualifications, which now do not serve them, and feel as though they have fell into a dead-end job.

They continue, some feeling like they are on this constant Hamster Wheel, just to pay the bills.

Getting up, going to work, coming home to sit in front of the TV, and then getting up to do it all over again the next day.

So, our purpose in life is what?

I believe that our purpose in life is to realise our potential.

I was talking to a group of teenagers that said that school is not good and yet again I have ‘failed’.  As a coach, failed is a word I detest, and it should be banned from Educational Establishments.

In NLP one of the presuppositions is that there is no failure, only feedback.  You are a winner, you were born, you are the lucky one.  Although you may not believe it you were given life and your purpose is to make a success of it!

“How do I do that?”, I hear you ask.

Are you just sat waiting for things to happen?

What are you doing with your potential to achieve?


I believe that deep inside of you just waiting to be activated is your potential.  It is there waiting to take you to unbelievable heights of success.  It is often fear that stops people embarking on that journey of achievement.

But every single one of us was born for a reason and with a purpose, and most will stand idle waiting for it to happen with absolutely no idea what that purpose is.


I want you to imagine a unique and powerful computer.  Now imagine that the new operator has lost the instruction manual, and so this all singing, all dancing computer is unable to do what it is fully capable of doing.

So, imagine you, created with purpose, and everything you need to unlock it is there and already in place.  Your brain!

We have unfortunately been conditioned not to achieve our purpose, and to not recognise our purpose in life.  I want you to realise that you do have uniqueness and you are the most important person alive.

You may have been through s*** times in your life, but this has made you so strong.  What would you say to someone else?  How would you help others by using your life experience?

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