Make Time Count for you

by Aug 10, 2021

Make time count for you

Limit time on Social Media: –

We can so easily get carried away with social media and fall into the trap of spending all day without actually doing any work.

Ask yourself, “am I getting paid to be there or does it help me make an income?”

Being famous on social media is like being rich in monopoly money.

Ask yourself “is it worth my time … how much money or how many clients is social media bringing me?”


Limit time on social media Time Management

Find time to play

Never forget to take some ‘me-time’ – let your inner child out.

Remember to set boundaries and do not let anyone interrupt that time.

When you are playing it can be the highest form of research which will help you both in business and life, so never think of it as a waste of time.

Remember playing gives your brain time out.

Find time to play Time Management

Expect Delays

It is normal in life to expect delays, setbacks and obstacles which can cause frustration. Sometimes it feels as though you are traveling at the same speed, other times it is as though you are falling behind.

Life sometimes feels as though you are taking two steps forward and one step back, this is normal.

Remember never beat yourself up.

Expect delays on Time Management

The past is history the future is a mystery

We can only experience the here and now, what happened in the past no longer exists, it is only a memory, nor can you experience the future, you can only visualise it.

So be present where you are now – never let the past interfere negatively with your future.

Remember it is impossible to be anywhere except in this moment.

The past is history the future is a mystery Time Management

Manage your energy

Beware of draining your energy to a point of no return as it is a guaranteed way of not using your time effectively.

Even when busy, take time out for yourself. I always work for an hour then take a 15-minute break, make a drink, do some meditation and come back refreshed.

Remember put your own oxygen mask on first.

Ask yourself what would happen if you were ill?

Manage your energy Time Management

Schedule Creative Play

I once read a report from a psychologist that said we all need to be creative, and it could be the answer to all our problems.

Give yourself permission to play, I love playing with my grandchildren encouraging their amazing imaginations.

I believe inside all of us is a child yearning to come out and play.

Remember do not forget to bring the child out of you and have some fun.

Schedule Creative play Time Management

Cook in bulk

This can save hours of time.

When products are on special offer – buy them and freeze fresh ingredients to thaw out and cook as needed. Then you can batch cook and save time and money, so that when you are in a hurry you have a meal in your freezer and you do not have to buy expensive takeaway food.

Remember homemade is always best.

Cook in Bulk Time Management

Personalise your news

Forget about keeping up with the negative news, the conspiracy theories, etc.

Find your own positive news – what has happened well for you today?

This will certainly empower you and make you feel great.

There is no need to suffer the negativity just so you can participate in meaningless conversations.

Remember to stand out in the crowd.

Personalise your news. Time Management

Make a list of things you need to pack when going away

You will save time, energy and money if you make a list of what you need to pack.  For example what clothes you need to pack for that business trip or what work things you need to take with you.

That way you are not packing and repacking as you know exactly what you have – saving time and energy.

Remember there is no need to prove that patience is a virtue.

Make alist of things you need to pack Time Management

Learn to speed read

Learning to speed read can be worth its weight in gold and save valuable time.

If this is a challenge see if you can get the books on audio and while you are listening you can get other tasks done as well, either in your office or home or even while out driving or running.

Learn to speed read Time Management

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